Desert Dream: Rancho Morongo

Guys! We found it! The perfect Airbnb rental. I’m not kidding. Rancho Morongo is the epitome of desert chic– a lovingly renovated abode situated on a private lot with breathtaking views. It stole my heart the second we pulled up. It’s a beautiful blend of laid back luxury and rustic charm. And it has a ton of cactuses. Cacti? Either way, there are a lot of them. And they’re really cool. In fact everything about Kelly’s place is really cool. Being there made me feel like I should be walking around in a cowboy hat wrapped in a gently worn woolen blanket holding a snifter of really expensive whiskey plus an earmarked version of collected works by Ginsberg or Kerouac. Being there made me want to be a cooler version of me. Or maybe by being there I WAS a cooler version of me?

Anywho, this house in REALITY was a damn near perfect spot to call home while we explored Joshua Tree, Palm Springs and Palm Desert. It is truly a magical oasis and if you’re ever looking for a place to stay in the California desert I’d say don’t miss this one. Oh, and bring me with you because I’m ready to go back. I’ll bring the whiskey. And a cowboy hat.









See? I told you it was magical. If you want to read about what we did when we weren’t lounging around pretending to be way more fabulous than we actually are, check out my posts about Joshua Tree and Palm Springs.  And, remember if you’re planning a trip to Rancho Morongo, I look good wrapped in wool.




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