Things I like: my first cup of coffee every day, a long run when it’s paired with good conversation, road trips, weekend trips, (ok, any type of trips), the way my kids laugh and the way that makes me feel, summer nights, moonlight, playing with flowers, books, books, books, friends who dig deep, dinner parties, jeans that aren’t too long for me, music on Sunday mornings, that few minutes right before I fall asleep, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

What else? We don’t have any pets (except coming soon a 1/3 summer share in a turtle named Speedy and one time a sick snake lived on our front porch so we named him Cupcake. He died, but he did hang on for a while so he kind of counts.) I love high-end and Ikea furniture equally. I have lost every single pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned within 1 month of buying them. I speak Frenglish- which is a lovely but possibly incoherent mix of French and English that I made up out of necessity. I love old buildings and antique houses. I like big city vibes and rooftops most of all. People who take themselves too seriously bug me, but I do mostly try to appreciate people for who they are. After all, individuality is what makes the world go round (and makes it infinitely more interesting). I think the phrase “life’s too short to wait til tomorrow” applies to everything. So eat the cake, take the trip, go for that promotion, lounge on the couch in your p.js all day. Whatever. Just live your dream today. Why wait?

The most interesting compliment I’ve received recently is when my daughter told me that the way Rachel Maddow talks kind of reminds her of me.  At least I think that was a compliment, but my daughter is 13 and she might find Rachel annoying. But I like her for the most part so…

Thanks for reading along and, oh–p.s. — you can always visit me over at Bella Floral Design to see what’s new in the wonderful world of wedding flowers if you’re feeling flowery or weddingy.


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