Crock Pot Days

The only (and I do mean ONLY) good thing about the frigid Boston temps we're currently experiencing (yep, it's 1 degree outside right now- 1 little itty bitty degree) is that it gives me a good excuse to make nothing but soup and crock pot dinners.  The other night I made this Moroccan Chicken and... Continue Reading →

The Best Mom I Ever Had…

My boy is a ball of energy, a ray of light; he's loud laughter and sudden tears. He runs full force into everything and embraces life with complete abandon. He loves Legos, and Star Wars and superheros. He loves to pound on things, and crush stuff but he's also happy playing "puppy" or dolls with... Continue Reading →

She's all elbows and knees and teeth, but you can see she's a beauty. She's fiercely independent and believes she's got the world figured out but she also loves to be tucked in at night, and she can't fall asleep without one last hug. Her bed is covered with stuffed animals, but she loves to... Continue Reading →

Helllooo 2013

The start of the new year always feels like anything is possible.  Resolutions are made, ideas are formed, dreams take shape.   The hope and feeling of anticipation lasts for a little while at least.. until the dreary days of winter start to wear heavy and the monotony of our daily routine starts to feel a... Continue Reading →

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