California Dreamin’ in Palm Springs

We went to Palm Springs. It was fabulous. It was also Modernism Week. And if you love mid-century design as much as I do, you’d understand what a happy accident that was. Yay for happy accidents and yay for palm trees, high balls, Herman Miller and Trina Turk.

I think I could be very happy here.
or here.
Yep. Here too. I really dig mid-century modern architecture and you just know there’s a pool with a pink flamingo floatie in the backyard. I also dig pink flamingo floaties. And pools.
Lifestyles of the not yet rich and probably won’t be famous. At least I hope not. Fame ruins you.
This is Albert Frey’s Cree House. Since it was Modernism Week we got to take a tour of it.
It’s immaculately preserved.
The house was designed to seemlessly integrate with its surroundings.
And the interior was planned to offer a sense of protection from the elements, but also a connection to nature.
I love all this stuff. I think I was born a couple generations too late. Except I would have hated being a housewife, and having to make tuna casserole for dinner, and all the other creepy stuff women had to do back then like iron their husband’s undershirts and keep their children clean and quiet. I would have liked the a-line dresses though, and the pedal pushers. And the knick knacks.
It’s funny how all this stuff is back in style. I would totally buy this at Home Goods for $19.99.
Can you find this on Wayfair? Just kidding. I feel really terrible even joking about that. This is all legit Herman Miller furniture, not knock off Herman Miller assembly required furniture (which I may or may not have quite a few pieces of).
Good design makes me extraordinarily happy. The fact that I can only afford cheap knock off versions makes me extraordinarily sad. Maybe I want my son to become famous after all. Who cares if he’s ruined? I’ll finally be able to own a real life Eames.
The whole downtown is a study in good design.
And you can find all kinds of gently loved second hand treasures. That chip and dip bowl is speaking to me. And it’s saying: you don’t have an extra $500 to spend on me so don’t even think about it. That ashtray over there is only $200. Why don’t you take up smoking so you’ll have a reason to buy it?
There are also lots of really well curated stores like this one. I liked this one. I liked it a lot.
It’s called Thick as Thieves, and like the sign says you can follow them on Instagram. Like me. I follow them on Instagram. Because if someone tells me to follow them on Instagram, I probably will. Unless their profile is stupid. Then I won’t. But don’t worry, Their profile isn’t stupid. It’s well curated. Just like the store.
I keep thinking that sign up there says Ralph L Ferro, but it doesn’t. My maiden name is Ferro, so it would have been cool if it did. But it doesn’t. I thought about buying it anyway but what would I do with it? What would be the point? In any event, this is a lovely little vignette, isn’t it?
There are also some not so well curated stores where you can try on all kinds of hats. This is especially helpful if you’re young and you’re not yet sure what kind of hat you should be.  I tried to turn this into some kind of metaphor/teaching moment but that didn’t fly. Maybe because I did it while wearing a plastic viking hat with fake blond pigtail braids?
God Palm Springs. You just keep bringing it!
Why you gotta be so cool?
We went here for dinner. If you’re in Palm Springs, you could also go here for dinner.
What’s that movie that’s set in a mid century style hotel in the desert where literally almost everyone gets shot? It’s a Jon Hamm movie. You know the movie I’m talking about?
Bad Times at the El Royal! This place was like that. Except with good times and happy people. Plus you could play groovy records and eat good food. And not get shot.
Palm Springs is beautiful at night. Full disclosure, I almost got hit by a car while taking this picture. It was worth it though. wasn’t it? Because look at that color!! But even still I’m glad I didn’t end up in the hospital. Or dead. Because that would have ruined the whole trip.
Isn’t vacation really all about liquor and foods? It’s just that much better wrapped in a mid century modern package.
If you have time, you should drive on over to Palm Desert for more retro fun.
This is the Sands Hotel and I would totally stay here some day.
Pink stripes and palm trees. Need I say more? I may love the simple things in life, but I’m not gonna pretend I don’t enjoy the finer things too.
That’s why we decided to spend a lazy afternoon eating lunch here, at the hotel restaurant.
The Pink Cabana is a perfect spot to relax over a few desert mojitos and charcuterie and just reflect on how good life can be. The more mojitos you have, the easier that is to do.
But drinking mojitos at lunch and then shopping at a store that you read about in Vogue can be really dangerous. Even though it’s a consignment shop. It’s not like Savers so you can get into big trouble.
See what I mean? I didn’t buy anything but only because I couldn’t think of anywhere that I’d wear a silk caftan. But I wish I had one now, because why can’t you just be fabulous no matter where you are?
Anyway, dreaming is free and a good place to do lots of dreaming is in Palm Springs, either wearing a silk caftan or not. And, an even better place to dream is Joshua Tree, which is just 25 minutes by car but a world away. You can read about that here.

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